Welcome to Vienna

Since 2013 the idea to host an international orienteering weekend in Vienna existed: an event open for everyone, in challenging areas, and fun to be part of. After racing in the cities of Beijing, Chongqing, London, Oslo, Rome, Stockholm, Valetta, Venice, Wellington, and many more it is finally time to welcome you to my home town! 2019 marked the first edition of VOC and 2021 it's time for the second edition. Because we want to focus on event quality, VOC is not intended to be held forever, so make sure to don't miss out on it. Whether you are coming as a participant, spectator or volunteer, it is going to be fun days in Vienna!

Erik Nilsson Simkovics

Erik Nilsson Simkovics

Event Director

Event Ambassadors

Help us making VOC an awesome event by spreading the word to your friends as our ambassadors do.
They all have experienced orienteering in Vienna 😀

Andreas Vojta

Andreas Vojta

Olympic 1500 m Runner
Austria's fastest 5 km Runner

Tim Robertson, Photo: Burmann

Tim Robertson

New Zealand Orienteering Team
World Championship Silver Medalist

Anna Nilsson Simkovics, Photo: Burmann

Anna Nilsson Simkovics

Austrian Orienteering Team
World Games Bronze Medalist


VOC is an independent orienteering event with a lean organisation. Do you want to get involved? if you want to volunteer, have ideas and contacts for event venue permissions, or are interested in partnership opportunities.

Video Content Creator

We are looking for enthusiastic helpers who want to create inspirational videos from the events (either in a team or individually, filming or editing): 15-30 second video clip per day for social media + summary video. Find videos from previous events on our OL-Sport YouTube channel. Ideas? Drop a message!


Special thanks go to our partners for supporting the Vienna O Challenge 😊