Classes for everyone

Choose the class that suits you best. The Team Challenge is for teams of 2-3 runners orienteering together. All other classes are for individual runners. M / W indicates separate Men’s and Women’s classes. Maximum course length 5 km.

Newcomers No gender/age restrictions
Team Challenge No gender/age restrictions (max. 3 runners/team)
Youth -14 years M / W
Open 15+ years M / W
Elite 15+ years M / W
45+ 45+ years M / W
55+ 55+ years M / W
65+ 65+ years M / W

Sprint Relay Classes

A sprint relay team consists of 3 runners.
To faciliate many relay teams, entries for the sprint relay will be possible until 31 August.

Open Relay No gender/age restrictions
Youth Relay -16 years M + W + M
Relay 17+ years M + W + M
Relay 35+ years M + W + M
Relay 50+ years M + W + M
Vienna O Challenge Orienteering


For newcomers to orienteering

Everyone can make it. The course length is approximately 3 km. No matter the age or gender, everyone does the same course.

Team Challenge

Orienteering together with a friend or two

You will each get a map with your course on it. Each team has one Sportident-card. You will do the orienteering together! Teams can be set up in any kind.


For individuals with orienteering experience

Separate Women's and Men's class with different courses.


Special thanks go to our partners for supporting the Vienna O Challenge 😊